USA | 16mm Film | In post-production | Production house: Tierra Narrative & A wondering comet

When her mother’s Chinese Traditional Medicine shop gets vandalized, Kai, a young botanist and heir of her mothers ancestral practice is pushed to the edge of what her mental health can handle. Thrust in the middle of her immigrant mother’s grief and her muralist partner’s resistant hope, Kai must confront her anxiety and decide what is most important to her. Directed by Jess x Snow.

Supported by

The 2021 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Science in Film Production Award | 2022 Sundance Institute (Uprise Grant Finalist) | 2022 Film Independent Sloan Film Summit | CV Starr Fund for A/P/A Research

VR Experience - Guatemala Recording
VR Experience - Guatemala Recording


USA - CENTAM | VR , Mixed Media | 2019

Conexiones Fracturadas, is a reflection project built of the Family Reunions Project. The project question digital methods of memory and connections. It included open-air exhibits, cross-nation discussions, and an education toolkit.



USA | Digital video | 2019 | Production house: Tierra Narrative

Isabel is a Salvi (Salvadoran) diasporic narrative imagined and written to honor our experiences within the diaspora in New York. The story is an intimate time spent with Isabel, a young Salvadoran girl who recently moved to the suburbs of New York to reunite with her mother Aracely. Inspired by her own migration as a kid, the director created Isabel to represent the thousands of unaccompanied minors that have relocated to Long Island in the past few decades.


2019 Icaro Film Festival, Guatemala City, Guatemala

2019 NYU We Imagine Sanctuary, New York, USA

2019 Ways of Seeing, New York, USA

2020 KQED Arts & The Center for Cultural Power Virtual Screening