Film Description

Khanya experiences her first period while waiting out her fathers gambling session. She is forced to protect her sister and come into her own womanhood, the sisters flee inside in search of restrooms, only to be met by the violent impulses of their surprised and deeply ashamed father, further destroying the little relationship they had.


Director Bio

Hlumela Matika is a director, writer and producer born 1986 in South Africa. In 2007 she graduated from AFDA with a bachelor’s degree in film producing. Hereafter she worked in the South African film industry on both local and international film productions. In 2016 she was awarded the prestigious Fulbright scholarship, an opportunity to further her studies at Syracuse University Upstate New York. In 2017 she wrote and directed Lalibela a short hybrid documentary, the film shot New York, was selected and screened at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival (2017), The African International Film Festival (2017) and the Meraki Film Festival (2018).

In 2018 she produced her 2nd short film The Strong Black Woman a film selected by Berlin online publication WomenCinemakers 2018. In 2019 she produced a short experimental film The Body Remembers a film that explores the legacy of ethnography and self image. In 2019 she was selected to take part in the International Filmmaking Academy in Bologna (Italy). Following this she went on to produce the narrative film TAB (2019) a film that explores father daughter relationships. Currently she is based in South Africa and working as an independent filmmaker.

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